Ballinger Lodge

I am Magalie, I have a two year old daughter named India. I am passionate about children and believe that strong happy independent children can change our future for a better world.  I am a big advocate of gentle parenting and the Montessori method. I used to look after children's groups for summer camps in my younger years. I am also running an organic garden based on permaculture principles. I love cooking and I love making everything from scratch, I only trust in food that has been made at home with a loving energy. I am also a postnatal doula and studying herbalism.

I love cooking and artistic activities. I believe singing opens your heart and dancing can help you express yourself. I love the calm and peace nature offers, and I love taking children on walks to discover all what mother earth has to say. Children are the most receptive to it, and we need to help them treasure that skill as growing inot adulthood can make us forget. 

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