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Life is too short not to enjoy good food

We are a smallholding set on 4 acres of land, we grow our own vegetables using permaculture principles, and are passionate about making delicious organic food. We try to be as self-sufficient as possible, make best use of our 40 chickens, polytunnel, allotment, and orchard. We use a number of fermentation techniques to make our food, including sourdough, lacto fermentation, koji/miso, kombucha, kefir.


We make sourdough bread with our own flour and organic yoghurt from unhomogenised milk. We also prepare fresh rolled oats and use it to make delicious granola and muesli. We also brew our own kombucha and water kefir. On Mondays and Fridays we have a vegetable box available comprised of seasonal produce from our garden, we also make delicious organic takeaways prepared with the very best ingredients on Fridays. Each week is different and our cuisine can include Thai curries, Indian curries, falafel and hummus wraps, fresh pasta, soups... We sell everything from the house except our jams, syrups, chutneys and pickles that are exclusively available from farmers markets around the area. See below for more details and how to order.

Every Friday we make a big batch of food with the dish changing each week, these are made with love, a twist of originality and using organic ingredients and vegetables from our own garden.

If you are interested, ask to join the food group and we will send you a text early in the week to ask if you would like to order your takeaway for the week. You can pick them up anytime on Friday after midday.

Let us know by text if you want to join the group on 07950525962. See below a sample list of what we make and an approximate price list, each portion is for two:


- Green Thai curry (vegetarian £8.00, meat £12.00) sticky rice £2.50

- Indian curry (vegetable £8.00, paneer £10.00, meat £12.00) pilau rice £2.50, paratha bread £2.00, roti bread £1.50

- Falafel and pita bread and hummus £12.50

- Fresh pasta and sauce £10.00

- Soups £5

- Lentil soup £7.00 (Indian or Thai) ...


Vegetable box, bread & milk to order

We make our own sourdough bread the same way it was made 200 years ago, we only use wholemeal flour such as rye, wheat or spelt and we freshly mill the flour before baking. 

We also make soy milk, almond cashew milk on Fridays to order.

We produce a weekly vegetable box containing seasonal vegetables from our garden available on Mondays and Fridays.

You can order these each week by texting by Sunday night (for Monday collection) or Thursday midday (for Friday collection) to 07950525962. See our price list below:


- Sourdough bread £3.50 per loaf 1.4kg  whole rye or mix of wheat, rye and spelt with sunflower and pumpkin seeds

- Almond-cashew milk £2.50 per litre

- Soy milk £2.00 per litre

- Vegetable Box £10.00 


What we always have in stock from the house

We roll organic oats every week which makes our muesli and granola delicious and healthy. We brew kombucha, water kefir and infuse them with herbal remedies to boost their health benefits. We also make our own yoghurt with unhomogenised milk, and sell mixed coloured eggs. Everything is made using organic ingredients or homegrown plants from our permaculture garden.

You can come any day of the week to collect products, just arrange a quick appointment, including your order, via text on 07950525962. Product list:


- Kefir/kombucha £3.50 per litre plus £3 deposit for the bottle or you can bring your own bottle

- Eggs £2.00 for 1/2 dozen (usually a box is left outside the house)

- Muesli £3.50 for 500g (fresh rolled oats, raisins, dried dates, dried apricots, coconut, cashew nuts)

- Granola £5.00 for 500g (fresh rolled oats, pistachios, almonds, cashews, rapeseed oil, agave syrup, coconut, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds)

- Yoghurt £3.50 for 500ml (unhomogenised milk)

Friday food to take away

Markets: jams, chutneys, pickles

We are currently at 3 farmers markets a month: Wendover, Chesham and Berkhamsted. You can visit the websites below to find out about the dates and to come visit our stall.


We sell a wide range of jams, which are made using organic ingredients and our own fruit or fruit that we forage ethically. Our jams are healthy and delicious, we only use unrefined sugar and we only add a third of sugar compared to commercial jams. We leave the fruits to marinate for 12 hours and only cook for 20 minutes to retain the maximum amount of vitamins.


We also make lacto fermented pickles, kim-chi and sauerkraut. We do not use vinegar but let the vegetables ferment in lactic acid. This way they are super healthy and full of probiotics. Lactofermentation also increases and preserves the vitamins and enzymes in the vegetables and makes them more digestible. It is a real boost to your immune system.


We also have a lovely range of chutneys, made with the excess vegetables from our permaculture garden and adding the best organic ingredients.


Come and find us and we will also have a lovely cup of warm herbal tea to serve you!




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